Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Reflections

"My Reflections" eBook is available now featuring 10 of my personal repertoire card magic. 

The material ranges from variations on classic routines and with the objective of delivering entertaining card magic to your audience. The routines explained in this work are all audience tested. They constitute a body of work that dates back to 2006 and there are a number of new items included as well. 

The book is divided into 3 sections; Simple Effects, Impromptu Effects and Effect with Set-Up Cards. It is structured that way for ease of referring to a particular routine.

I sincerely hope you will find something to share with your audience and enjoy the routines as much as I do for years.

Here's what a few of them say:

"Nice item (Royal Mates)! It’s quick and easy and is also strong. A very good combination of qualities."
-- Mike Powers

"Great quick trick (Royal Mates). I like a lot. Very simple and effective construction."
-- Peter Duffie

"I really enjoyed it (Royal Mates); nice and simple, but a really novel production."
-- John Gelasi

"I have read the book and liked it. My personal favourites are Royal Mates, Divide & Concure, The Hackers, Cannibals Journey and Clandestine Twister. As I like simple and powerful magic, I think the two tricks in the Simple Effects chapter are especially great. The layout of the book is beautiful as always. I've just read your trick (Royal Mates) and I can say that I love it. Because very easy to do and the effect is very powerful!"
-- József Kovács

This e-book is not suitable for beginners. While all the moves are explained clearly but some previous card handling experience is preferable.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Review - Cheque This!

Recently, I had my wonderful time in going through Cameron Francis' latest "Cheque This!" pdf. Judging its title, you may think that perhaps the author has come up a magic routine that has something to do with cheques or money magic. Believe it or not, this is a wonderful card routine that I look forward performing for my next gathering with the use of a single cheque. 

Of course, the above is not just merely a card magic routine with a cheque but I should say it's a complete wonderful routine. At first, when I watched the complete performance, this reminds me of the "Bill in Lemon" routine. Obviously, this routine has a difference in terms of incorporating card magic to enhance the overall effect with the use of the single cheque. 

In addition to the above props, of course you need an "extra" something that most magicians have in their arsenal. The author also explains how to use that certain something to do a very magical transformation on the bill. Let's start off by reviewing what's the contents in the pdf.

The pdf contains 7 pages and I really like the author covers every nuances in terms of the handling in the video clips that can be accessed at Vimeo. Of course, there is a password you need in order to access those instructional clips. The pdf is well laid out and there is a template section where you can print out the cheque to incorporate into the routine. Lastly, there is a bonus section where the author explains a bonus revelation that is the very well known "1089 Force". This is actually an extension to the above routine and it's optional to include this in the performance. 

In a nutshell, I really enjoyed everything as laid out and explained by the author in the pdf. If you are like me, who always do not like to do set up or having a mess with the lemon juice (Bill in Lemon) during your act, you may like to give this routine a try as I can see there is a lot of magical happenings and I think your audience will enjoy such magic routine. In addition, you may carry this mini miracle in your pocket which takes a very little of space and perform wonders in no time.