Sunday, December 2, 2012

Triple Charms

This eBook features 3 of my favourite personal impromptu miracles that culled directly from my working repertoire.

In this collection, you will find popular effects such as card sandwich, Hofzinser Ace Problem and a signed card transposes magically between cards that is ideal to perform for couples.

The material in this collection is not very difficult to do with the exception that the card sandwich routine may require only a little dexterity in executing the card control.

However, please note that for the card sandwich features in this eBook, I presume you are familiar with the Neil Elias's "Multiple Shift" as there is no explanation included.


A Sign of Time: This effect is ideal to perform for couples. A kiss card (signed) magically transposes under impossible condition and everything can be left for examination.

Astral Projection: Four Kings are removed and placed onto the table. A card is selected and it's placed under the spectator's covered palm. The performer casts a magical gesture and one of the Kings changes places. The performer has the spectator's selection and the King that matches the spectator's selection (suit) is now under the spectator's palm.

One Cut Sandwich: One of the fastest card sandwich that you could do with the use of Neil Elias's "Multiple Shift" that is very direct and magical.

Here's what a few of them say:

"I really love your 'A Sign Of Time' and 'Astral Projection' tricks. The plot is so beautiful in 'Sign Of Time'! I think that all its readers will put it in their repertoire immediately. And one more thing which could be very important, very easy to do. Ideal trick for a couple. I think that 'Astral Projection' is a nice solution of the Hofzinser's Four Ace Problem. I like that the magic happens in the spectator's hand."
-- József Kovács

"I just got done reading Triple Charms and it's very good! I really enjoyed the effects. Solid, simple methods and very strong effects! Well done!"
-- Cameron Francis

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