Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Magnificent Queens

“The Magnificent Queens” is regarded as one of my favourite pet routines that have been with me over the last 8 years. It is easy to do as there is no card sleight involved and very entertaining. Did I mention there is no gimmick at all?

The effect sounds like this, imagine you have a spectator named Janet, she is given a chance to call out any number within a range and deal that number of cards onto the table. She will be amazed to locate her own selection without knowing how. In addition, she discovers that not only one of the Queens successfully hypnotises her to choose the particular number but all the mates of the particular Queens emerge on each of the piles.  

Some magicians may call this kind of routine as self-working but I would rather regard it as effortless card magic. As a bonus, I also provide a handling where you cause the whole deck to turn blanks and best of all, the whole deck can be given out for a thorough examination.

Here's what a few of them say:

"This is a very direct effect and has multiple moments of magic combined with a simple procedure. I am sure this will garner lots of very good reviews."
-- David Gemmell 

"What is great about the effect is the number of free choices that the spectator gets to make. If the performer reminds the spectator of all of these choices as the effect goes along, the climax will absolutely floor them. The ffect was clearly explained with wonderful diagrams and the little set up is easy and can be done on the fly. Overall, this is a great effect and I would recommend to one and all."
-- Andrew Galanter

"As I like semi-automatic tricks and tricks and ebooks produced and published by Andrew Loh. I read Andrew’s ’The Maginificent Queens’ with high expectations. I wasn’t disappointed after reading the trick: it became one of my favourites Andrew Loh-trick. The trick is very easy to do: you need to do only one ’move’. The spectator finds her own selection and finds a four of a kind. Andrew also shares a terrific variation in the end notes. You should try it out!"
-- József Kovács

"This is a BEAUTIFULLY constructed routine! I love it. I have about 30 or so tabled magic to do tonight for some friends birthday party and I'm going to do your trick for them! I love the blank deck idea, too. It really does add an element of impossibility for the laity, that's the way I'm gonna do it for these guys. I love the work/reward ratio in your effort here, Andy. You have basically zero work needed for a deep, deep, fooler.  The Queens come as a complete surprise, this is a really well constructed fooler."
-- Shannon Clark

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