Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Hand is Quicker than the Eyes

I am very excited to announce that very soon, I am going to complete my favourite card fusion routine and release as an eBook. 

If you are looking for an offbeat, practical yet entertaining card fusion routine, this is the item that you might be interested to take a look. Basically, this effect involves two spectators each select a card and both cards can be signed.

You remark that all over the years, you prove that whether the magicians' favourite quote "the hand is quicker than the eyes" really proves its effectiveness or otherwise. You demonstrate the phenomenon in which the spectators will look very closely on your hand while performing this little miracle.  

In spite of the spectators really look closely in terms of what you do and perform this miracle as slow as you could, you manage to deliver them a huge wave of surprise; that is their signed cards are now fused together. Best of all, you may hand out the card for a thorough examination or simply give them as a souvenir.

The routine is perfect for walkaround situation and is great for breaking the ice especially if you perform this as your opener for close-up performance. I have been performing this routine for quite some time now and I think it is time for me to share it with the magic fraternity. I really, really enjoy the reaction from the audience when I perform this routine that is well received over the years. 

The release date still remains unknown, however, once everything is finalised, I will keep this post updated.


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