Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Review - CCARN

I had a pleasure in going through József Kovács' CCARN (Chosen Card At Random Number) recently and I would like to say it's a very clever and nice little routine. Please do not get confuse with the ACAAN plot as this is a different effect and the title says it all. 

It's a 3-page (includes the front cover) pdf, well laid out and mind you, there is no single illustration that you could find. The steps are explained in a very straightforward manner and I think it would be better if the author could include some simple illustrations on the cutting cards sequence so that the reader could follow the steps easily. There is a simple formula that you need to follow but I believe with practice, you will remember its sequence easily.

The beauty of this routine lies in its simplicity and elegant construction that involves two decks in the performance. However, there is a set-up you need to do beforehand and surprisingly, it's not difficult at all. The only requirement is that you must have more than three decks (includes the set-up) at your disposal. In terms of the routine, what I like is that apparently, the entire sequence looks very fair as the spectators can shuffle and cut the packets. In spite of the fairness of the procedure, this works 100% automatically all the time; that is the spectator is able to locate the chosen card in the pack. 

To sum up, in performance, suppose any card is selected (the King of Spades) and then buried into the deck by the spectator. Using a second deck, a number is very fairly generated, again by the spectator (let's say 25). You won't believe this, but the 25th card dealt to is in the first deck - the King of Spades!

In a nutshell, this is a simple and effective card routine. If you don't mind with the setting up of the pack, I think this routine is very strong and plays very well to any audience.

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