Friday, January 31, 2014


Card revelation is one of the most magical ways in revealing a spectator's selection. It is one of my favourite plots in card magic. "Flushback" is my take on card revelation plot with a magical twist. This routine does not involve any gaffs or special cards. A spectator is asked to involve in cutting the deck in an attempt to cut to her selection. However, her attempts fail in the process.

The performer has not other choice but to use the Jacks as a resort to locate her selection. The Jacks conduct some impressive feats and in the end, all the Jacks magically transform into impressive cards that have connection with the spectators' selection. Imagine Mr Elmsley meets with the Professor, Dai Vernon!

This is one of my closely guarded secrets that I release for this year and I can attest the effect would be able to garner huge reaction from lay audience. I always believe that it is how well the magic effect plays but not on the methods. 

In addition, I also provide a bonus handling that enhances the revelation on revealing the spectator's selection in a much dramatic manner. Make sure you do not miss this wonderful card routine that is highly practical, usable and the most important of all, it is highly entertaining. Let your audience experience the magic that is enjoyable to watch and memorable.