Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Review - Dresscode

As you may aware that in my blog, my passion and interest would always be card magic. What I am about to review is something beyond my comfort zone all this while. I should say that I am quite lucky to get  Dresscode by Calen Morelli out of my curiosity and with a special price that I got from a dealer. This is one of the DVDs that I really enjoyed, if not one of the most practical and unique magic that can be done nothing more than an ordinary shirt. The concept behind of the magic is simply brilliant! 

The reason I enjoyed this DVD is because the flow of the learning process is organised very well. Just click "play" and you will be directed to an A to Z workshop. Calen explains in great details such as the materials needed on how to construct the shirt as well as tips on perfoming the Dresscode. 

Surprisingly, the construction of the shirt is not difficult at all as Calen explains step by step on how to make one for yourself. If you are like me who always like to put on a coat or a blazer while performing close-up magic for walkaround situation, this is a great opportunity not to miss the magic. It is worth to add this into your act as it has many applications. You will be excited to play around with ideas as you move along with the tutorial. 

I also like Calen includes some nice subtleties as well as troubleshooting on the process of making the gimmick. Thus, making this DVD an excellent and complete tutorial. Most of my questions in terms of making and performing Dresscode were all addressed by Calen. 

All in all, this is an excellent effect and it is well worth to add this into your repertoire. I really like to use this as revelation and I can attest that it garners huge reaction from layman. I am glad I did!