Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Review - The Legendary Hierophant

One of the most interesting parts in going through card magic books is its vast array of materials with various plots and routines.

This month, I am going to review my recent encounter with a hierophant. I am just kidding! The subject is Mr Racherbaumer's "The Legendary Hierophant" which is an excellent book that I truly enjoyed recently. There are various interesting plots to be explored and I think an investment in this book is worth it. I am a fan of Joseph K. Schmidt on his black-and-white illustrations in which you will find them in this book.

The plots covered in this book are card sleights, open prediction, collectors, card sandwiches and many more. I found a few items to my liking and technically speaking, this book is suitable to intermediate or advanced cardician. 

I will share some of my favourite items once I going through the whole book. At the same time, I will update my review as I progress further into this book.