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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Free Tricks - "Sigil"

A simple yet powerful card effect . This is one of my favourite impromptu effects. You need a sharpie.

Start off by giving the pack a good shuffle.

Spread the pack face down and invite someone select a card. Have the selection returned face-up into the centre of the pack. Hold a break above the face-up selection and turnover pass from the break by turning the pack face up.

Next, you are going to spread the top few face-up cards (you do not wish to over-spread the cards) and once you spot a court card (say the KS), remove it, turn it face down and place it on the bottom of the pack. Flip the pack over and the KS is now face up on top of the pack.

Double turnover the KS face down and instruct the spectator to draw a symbol of her choice on the back of the apparent KS. After this is done, take the top apparent KS and place it in the centre of the pack by leaving it outjogged position.

Snap your fingers, spread the face-down pack and magically, the face-up selection seems to have vanished! Act puzzled, have the spectator removed the outjogged cards to conclude the routine.

I hope you enjoyed the routine.


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