Friday, April 2, 2010

Card Fusion Concept

I came up a card magic idea recently. Well, it's not really a new idea but an idea which is a combination of plots. I think most of you will familiar the card fusion concept. I am glad I tried out this routine with my friends and I have to say they received a huge great reaction. Perhaps you may try to test out your friends, family members and see how's the reaction when my new ebook is released.

Perhaps the nature of this concept plays very well to any layperson which I can attest to that. However, in my version, it's totally different and everything can be examined right after the performance. Of course, the cards can be signed. I should not say this is my new idea or improvement but I would rather say it's something that I really enjoy performing. The most important criteria is that, it makes sense and logic. In addition, the handling is not too demanding.

I really have no idea when is my available or free time to put my this idea into script but I really hope perhaps after May 2010 (which after my final examination) I would be able to write this up.

Thanks for your support always.

Andrew Loh

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