Thursday, May 28, 2009

Majestic Jesters - Coming Soon!

My next ebook "Majestic Jesters" would be out soon. Basically, this effect is involved with the essential elements such as transposition, vanishes, colour changes, production, royal flush production and two big surprises as a killer climax which the spectators would never be realised until the end of the routine. Sounds complicated?

At the end, the Jester (in this case Jokers) have a different colour backs and can be given out as a sourvenir. I am not going to reveal much of this routine but when the time I feel is right, I will tip out some information.

I incorporated some other elements into my this routine to make it more interesting and to me, killer climax is utmost important because if you want to end a routine, it should end with a "big" climax that your spectator will remember your magic.

It is not difficult to do and the best part is, it's instantly reset and you may go through your next favourite stuffs.

I think I will release this ebook perhaps 2 months time and I still have some research to go through in this routine and when the time is right, I will release to the magic fraternity.

Andrew Loh

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