Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Blissful Marriage

This routine is inspired by Hofzinser's Royal Marriages plot. It is a three-phase routine coupled with other interesting plots.

I came up this routine in 2009. As usual, packet tricks appeal to me a lot and this leads me to come up this version of Royal Marriages. At that time, it has 5 phases which I thought the routine was too lengthy.

I realised that the audience feels bored after many attempts of showing the splitting and matching of the packets. In addition, I also realised that too many phases actually cluttered the mind of the audience. So, I narrowed down this routine to three phases that is much easier to comprehend and follow.

Last but not least, this is not a very difficult routine and if you are familiar with the Elmsley Count, you should have no problem in performing this routine.

Here's what a few of them say:

"A Blissful Marriage is an excellent routine. The three phases work very well and build up, both logically, and magically. I love Royal Marriages effects, but only good ones - and this is indeed a good one!"
-- Peter Duffie

"Thanks a lot for the new effect. I love it. It is a very nice variation on the theme. You tied the phases together organically and made an entertaining routine from them. A powerful starting followed by two very strong phases."
-- József Kovács

"I had a chance to look check this out today and really loved it. You've really put together a great routine with some really clever phases. I must admit that I've never been one for the royal marriages plot, but your approach is definitely something I could see myself using! Great stuff as usual!"
-- John Gelasi


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