Monday, December 29, 2008

An Ace-assembly Effect

This morning, I managed to come up an ace-assembly effect using non-gimmick cards. I am proud to be able to come up this effect as all these years, I always strive to come up at least one ace-assembly effect which base on my own version and ideas. I have read many versions but the disappointment part is, I lose interests quickly especially using gimmick cards to achieve this plot or there's ditching of cards at the end of the act.

I also dislike to bluff the spectators (I know as we always do), meaning that when you say you are using twelve cards, you really mean twelve cards you will use and not fourteen cards. If you do so, at the end, it seems this act will restrict you to perform other effects and you have to "ditch" the cards. Some versions using sticky-tape to achieve this plot which I think too much of hassle to take up this plot. In this version which I came up, I have to do extensive research whether my version is original or published elsewhere. If it's my own originality, perhaps I will reserve and include in my hardcopy for next year.

I believe my handling is very clean and each of the ace is travelled one at a time to join the leader ace (spades). At the end, your spectators can examine everything. Absolutely no ditching of cards and what I say is what you will get in my this effect.

Andrew Loh

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