Monday, December 15, 2008

Fred Robinson Book - The Wait is Finally Over

I have just visited Martin Breese's website and I was very excited that finally, the Fred Robinson book is going to release. I have been waiting this book for so many years and I am going to secure a copy.

If this book is available, I think I would like to say a big "thanks" to Peter Duffie which he had done a wonderful job in writing and compiling Fred's materials. There is no doubt about that.

Just like Peter's previous book on Dave Campbell, I think this book is truly excellent and Peter explained all the effects or routines in great detail. In most Peter's publications, the thing I like to read his manuscripts or books are he is very organised in his writing and plus, the credits are covered in vivid detail. To be honest, throughout the years, I learned many things in terms of broadening my magic crediting or knowledge by reading Peter's eBooks and books especially his writing style to be included too.

Well that's all I can say and I am now waiting for the arrival of my order.

Andrew Loh

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