Friday, November 14, 2008

The Art of Illustrations

It has been my great pleasure to be in the art of magic for the past 16 years. I learned many things throughout the years and the best thing I learned in my life are to be able to create some of my own unique ways or ideas in card magic and drawing illustrations in my own work.

Until now, instead of taking colour photographs to show my handling or explanation in my materials, I prefer to do black & white illustrations to show my handlings. I think it's somewhat to retain the classic "feelings" and the professional look. Most of the magic book that we come across during the 1800's majority were all black & white illustrations, right? I am not saying that colour photographs are not good, it's just my personal preference though I like to read magic books or ebooks that have the colour photographs too. Sometimes, colour works better than just black & white. I would like to say, well, it has its own pro and cons. When you take colour photographs, it is easy to recognise an object with its colour but for black & white illustrations, you have to state what is the object that being used in the context. Some of the great illustrations that I have seen in my life are the works from Tom Stone, Richard Kaufman, Jason Alford, Kelly Llyes and others.

However, in order to do excellent black & white illustrations, the works are very tedious. You need to purchase essential devices that support your work and the proper software. You have to take photos or someone helps you to take photo on you (your hands & cards or whatever) and after completing that process, you have to be patience and willing to sit long hours (depend on the number of photos) to do the drawings. But, the final output is, you will feel rejoice after you complete everything. It's just like you feel you have done something that is worth doing in the first place. And do you believe me? You won't say tired or exhausted if magic is your blood or soul in you. I will keep the momentum going and magic has been part of my inferno for all over the years.

Andrew Loh

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