Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Artists - My Magic Tidbits

This morning while I was toying my deck, I came up an effect which is a card sandwich effect. Sounds boring? Well, I am not really sure how it goes to magician but I think it will go very well to layman. This effect is not just a basic card sandwich effect but it applies to many wonderful ideas which depends on your creativity as well. Believe me or not, you can perform this effect with the card fusion concept.

The plot is spectator's selection is placed in the centre of the deck and somehow the two mates which previously are placed one on top and the other on the bottom of the deck; they seem vanish one at a time and at the end, they sandwich the spectator's selection. When the spectator's selection is turned over, on its back, it bears a message or to have its back change colour.

Or if you prefer, you can present the selection as your business card to the spectator which anything is possible. It is a wonderful souvenir which at the same time to promote yourself. If I have the time, I will write this effect and publish as an ebook or otherwise, I will keep this effect for myself.

Andrew Loh

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