Thursday, November 13, 2008

Did I see Flying Cars - Hollywood Show?

Well, I would like to share an amazing true story today... Or... How about I put this way, a Hollywood's flying car effects? No, I maybe exaggerate quite a bit but actually today, this afternoon while I was driving to school, I saw there were two cars they seemed to be racing on the road. Both drivers I should say, they drove in a reckless manner and could harm other drivers. I should put at as people's life would be at stake. I just couldn't believe with my own eyes witnessing somewhat like a Hollywood's video camera tricks.

I saw the lady, open her window shield and finger-pointing the other driver perhaps to call him stop the car. I believe they seemed to be involved in a fighting or quarrelling and perhaps they are husband and wife? Well, I really have no idea but they really performed a truly outstanding show today. They overtook with each other and truly dangerous in the middle of the highway. I think other drivers were facing the same trauma like me today. I just don't know how to explain that kind of fear while you are facing that kind of scene. They overtook me from left to right and then sped I think 140km/h. Are they crazy? Is it a stunt? You be the judge, ok?

I just wish that I won't meet this kind of scene in the future. It was a heart-throbbing experience for me today. I also hope that you won't meet this kind of incident while you are driving on the road.

Andrew Loh

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