Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cardboard Capers - My Review

I remember I got this book a few years ago and I really like some of the interesting ideas from Euan.

The materials are not difficult to do and this book also includes "Utility Sleights" which I find interesting. This booklet is comb-bound and the size is a small thin booklet.

Effects such as "Return to Sender", "Twisted Assembly", "Thanks to Walton" and a few others, are very nice effects and you may combine the mentioned above effects into a solid routine. I think the materials would play very well to laymen too.

If you have the opportunity, hope you are able to secure a copy of this book which I highly recommended.

Table of Contents:

Introduction -- 2

Utility Sleights
On the Kelly Placement -- 3
A Palming Idea -- 7
Pressure Palm -- 9
Seconds Out -- 11

Card Effects
Return to Sender -- 12
The Artist -- 15
Instant Switch -- 17
Homage to Hummer -- 19
Twisted Assembly -- 21
The Jacks Came Back -- 23
Thanks to Walton -- 25
Dark Side of the Moon -- 29
Ultra Violet -- 31
Snapping the Aces -- 34
Au Revoir -- 36

Andrew Loh

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