Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Contributions

Some people are asking me, what are my favourite card effects that I normally perform? It's kind of difficult to say because sometimes, while reading and watching some other awesome magicians' stuffs, I may somehow use them in my act which depend whether the effects or routines suit my style or not.

I contributed a total of three card magic effects to "The Linking Ring" magazines, which you can find under the "Card Corner" column.

Due to the secrecy of magic, I can't tip out or scan the pages for you but I have somewhat scanned and combined them as a sample which is shown in the photo. If you have the chance, check them out as the effects had served me well over the years and I regard them as "workers". Both the card effects are impromptu which means that you can perform the card magic anytime and anywhere without the need to prepare anything in advance. There are no special setup of the deck or special gimmicks too. All you need is a borrowed deck and you do wonders. My card magic is specially catered to that kind of category, direct and effective to laypeople without the need to do any preparation.

Andrew Loh

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